Laurie S.

My family and I have been going to Core Therapies for ten years. They are absolutely amazing for anyone from birth to adult. It's not your typical chiropractor's office. Everyone is warm and incredibly knowledgeable and has taught me so much. My kids will even ask if I can make them an appointment because they know their body needs it. I don't know what I would do without them!

Curt A.

Throughout the years, I've suffered back, neck and shoulder pain. The injuries were sometimes unbearable and often crippling. I've tried everything including "typical" chiropractic adjustments, PT, stretching, foam rolling, deep tissue massage, strength training, rest and, as a last resort, steroids. I was impressed with the results my wife had gotten at Core Therapies, so I decided to give it a try. Dr. Megan suggested that my pain stemmed from my neck to the traps and down. It also moves up from my lats to the shoulder due mostly to overuse and tightness. Apparently, all the surrounding areas were compensating for the tendons in my shoulder. Her treatment would be Active Release Techniques®. She provided me with stretching and rolling exercises to work in tandem with the ART® sessions. After years of pain, numb arms, no sleep and avoiding countless recommendations for surgery, I'm amazed. I am now totally pain free...not just better. For the first time in years, it does not hurt!

Barbara W.

I have been going to Core Therapies since 2009. Dr. Jason Sonners has given me amazing care! He is truly a genius in his knowledge of the human musculature system and has been an invaluable help to me for various medical issues.

Jason S.

Dr Matt is fantastic. I had been doing some research into Active Release Techniques® and CORE Therapies came up as a location. This place is fantastic in that although I went for back trouble, he noticed that it was caused by glute and hip flexor tightness and spent most of the appointment doing ART® on those spots with amazing results.

Jennifer O.

Whether it's ongoing health challenges or maintaining optimal health, the practitioners at Core Therapies are excellent for all members of my family. I've seen all of the doctors and each one is intuitive and committed to my goals. My kids love their visits as well. The entire practice is devoted to their patients' well being, I could not be happier being part of the Core Therapies family.

Jodi E.

There is a Jewish word, "bershert," which basically means “meant to be." Harvey and I working with you is absolutely bershert. When I thought my only alternative would be surgery, you showed me I was wrong. When the ER put Harvey on crutches and never got to the root of his problem, you did and corrected it. We have both consulted with you on many issues and have consistently felt that you both understood, had great information to educate us, and have made us happier in the way we want to achieve health and wellness naturally. You are very important wellness consultants that we admire and respect and feel lucky to have you as part of our team.

Steve H.

No health care professional has ever cared so much about the entire mind body balance. Both my wife and I truly look forward to every visit with Core Therapies. We both walk out feeling healthy and happier for the experience.

Josh M.

I've been going to Dr. Matt McGowan for a few years now. As an avid crossfitter, I put my body through the rigors on a daily basis. Dr. Matt has helped me through neck stiffness, shoulder issues, knee issues and low back tightness. He even gives me homework to do on my own to strengthen weak areas. Great staff and very welcoming! I highly recommend Core!

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